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Bad Pic of Scott Rainey
Activities as Region 8 Vice Chair

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Regional Gathering Volunteer Resources
    I maintain resources for AG and RG volunteers
Oregon Mensa's
    I am proud to serve as Oregon Mensa's Webmaster,
AG and select RG Pix
    I also produce and publish galleries that contain thousands of digital pix from Mensa's Annual Gatherings, etc.
Dues Increase: If you've been wondering how our recent dues increase matches inflation, the good news is that, adjusted for inflation, our dues are lower than at any time since 1967. See for yourself:
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  • Spreadsheet

    One of the other things I get to do as RVC-8 is write articles for Mensa Publications. If you're a Mensa Editor, you have my permission to use them in your newsletter.

    All the best,
    Scott Rainey