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Scott Rainey
Candidate for Second Vice Chairman

Questions To Candidates
As Required By The Mensa Elections Committee

Campaign Portrait
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1. What year did you join? Have you been a member every year since that time?
    • I have had one lapse.
    • I came back and am glad I did.
2. Have you ever served as LocSec or local group editor?
3. Have you ever served in any other local group offices?
    • Webmaster 1994 to Present
    • Area Coordinator 1980 to present
    • Membership Secretary 2000-2001
4. Have you ever served as a member of an AMC-appointed committee?
    • Bylaws.
    • Information & Privacy
    • Publications
    • Marketing
    • Internet Services Committee.
    • Communications Services Committee.
    • Communications Committee.
5. Have you ever served as a member of the AMC, either appointed or elected?
    • RVC, Region 8
    • Assistant RVC, Region 8
6. Have you ever served Mensa in any other capacity, - local, regional,
national, or international?
    • Local: Frequent Event Host, RG Committee Worker Bee, RG Presenter
    • Regional: RG Presenter, Sister City Event Coordination, RVC
    • National: AG Committee
7. What is your experience with Mensa leadership development?
  • Attended LOTS (Local Officer Training Session) Early 1980's
  • Attended Numerous LDW's at Numerous AG's
  • Sponsored an LDW in San Jose
  • Sponsored an LDW in Seattle and Presented
  • Proxyquest
8. What business, professional, or other experience would you bring to the office you seek?
  • Lifelong Entrepreneur. Information Technology Consultant: 20+ years,
  • Advertising and public relations experience.
  • Director on other boards including 501(c)3 non profit organizations.
9. Did you submit your name for NomCom consideration in this election?
All the best,

Scott Rainey

There are three candidates for 2nd Vice Chair this time. My worthy opponents are RVC-10 Elissa Rudolph of Florida, and RVC-7 Anthony (Tony) Jackowski of Kansas. Elissa's web page is here. Tony didn't have time to put one up so I will presumptively google him for you "Tony Jackowski" +Mensa