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When your business is a member of a community, it's a good idea to put links to that community on your website.

"Communities" could include your neighborhood, your city, your region or your state.

"Communities" could also include your industry, your suppliers, or your customers.

If trade associations, professional associations, or other groups are important to your enterprise, link to them.

It's about being "A Team Player" and "Working Well With Others." Both concepts are strong selling points for you.

Some communities offer free content to share:

This is True®

by Randy Cassingham

Stories from Our Archives ©1994-2017

Rhyme Rage
Lothian University Hospitals Trust in Edinburgh, Scotland, decided employees were stressed, so a stress counselor started sending all 3,000 employees an e-mail “poem a day.” Would-be poet Lynn Ogilvie then asked workers to tell her what they thought of her e-mails. “We have chosen haiku, as the poems are very wee, with the intention of creating a moment of pleasure,” she wrote. “Do these tiny poems create a moment of pleasure or irritation?” The hospital e-mail system almost crashed under the deluge of replies pleading for the poems to stop. “A big poem, A wee poem, Ah’m sick o’em!” wrote one. “Not a haiku, Does not scan, Just a plea from an overworked man” wrote another. So did the hospital cancel the scheme? No: administrators have warned the staff to stop complaining or they will lose their e-mail access. (Glasgow Daily Record) ...Well, at least now they know the source of their stress.
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 9

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