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When your business is a member of a community, it's a good idea to put links to that community on your website.

"Communities" could include your neighborhood, your city, your region or your state.

"Communities" could also include your industry, your suppliers, or your customers.

If trade associations, professional associations, or other groups are important to your enterprise, link to them.

It's about being "A Team Player" and "Working Well With Others." Both concepts are strong selling points for you.

Some communities offer free content to share:

This is True®

by Randy Cassingham

Stories from Our Archives ©1994-2017

The Bare Facts
Two University of Maine students charged with indecent conduct for streaking near school defended themselves in court. Kathryn Mann, 21, and Debra Ballou, 20, argued before District Court Judge Jesse Gunther in Bangor that the law specifies that violations are a result of perpetrators who “knowingly expose their genitals in public.” Ballou asked the arresting officer if he “saw my genitalia.” Orono Police officer John Ewing answered, “Not that I recall.” Ballou rested her case. The female judge, noting that female genitalia are “primarily internal,” dismissed the charges for lack of evidence. (Bangor Daily News) ...That’s another difference between men and women. No man could bear arguing in court that there was a “lack of evidence” in a case of indecent exposure.
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 8

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