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When your business is a member of a community, it's a good idea to put links to that community on your website.

"Communities" could include your neighborhood, your city, your region or your state.

"Communities" could also include your industry, your suppliers, or your customers.

If trade associations, professional associations, or other groups are important to your enterprise, link to them.

It's about being "A Team Player" and "Working Well With Others." Both concepts are strong selling points for you.

Some communities offer free content to share:

This is True®

by Randy Cassingham

Stories from Our Archives ©1994-2017

Wish This One Got Away
Paul Trabulsy, 41, was fishing in the Atlantic with his 17-year-old son and a co-worker 20 miles off Ft. Pierce, Fla., when they saw something floating in the water. “We noticed an ear, and sure enough, there was a head floating from the neck up,” Trabulsy said. A severed human head. They pulled it aboard, but since it was a rare treat to go fishing they “just put it in a bag in a bucket. It’d been out there a while — what’s a couple of hours?” They didn’t arrive in Ft. Pierce for about five hours. Meanwhile, “We named him Bob,” Trabulsy notes. (Ft. Pierce Tribune) ...Yeah, and no doubt the rest of his body is on someone’s front porch and named Matt.
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 9

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Remember to build links in a way that help the person doing the clicking find their way back to you.