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When your business is a member of a community, it's a good idea to put links to that community on your website.

"Communities" could include your neighborhood, your city, your region or your state.

"Communities" could also include your industry, your suppliers, or your customers.

If trade associations, professional associations, or other groups are important to your enterprise, link to them.

It's about being "A Team Player" and "Working Well With Others." Both concepts are strong selling points for you.

Some communities offer free content to share:

This is True®

by Randy Cassingham

Stories from Our Archives ©1994-2008

Out of Touch II
Interest rate reductions by the Federal Reserve have helped to keep the U.S. economy from sliding too far down hill, but we’re not out of the woods yet. “What is keeping us out of recession is the consumer,” argues economist David Wyss of Standard & Poor’s. “There is a risk of a sudden attack of prudence. If people stop living beyond their means, this could turn into a recession.” (Reuters) ...If you haven’t yet exceeded the credit limit on your 21 percent APR credit cards, you’re part of the problem, not part of the solution.
Available in This is True: Book Collection Vol. 7

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Remember to build links in a way that help the person doing the clicking find their way back to you.