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Internet and Computing Links

The World's Best Windows Toolkit

Fix-It By Ontrack Software, in my not so humble opinion (IMNSHO), is the greatest Collection of utilities available for Windows today. The Fix-It Registry Cleaner is clearly "best of breed," fixing more problems than any other tool I've ever tried.

Internet Security for You

Take some time to surf Gibson Research, the site built by Infoworld columnist Steve Gibson, for the company that bears his name.

The site has some excellent, free, security tests for your PC, plus essays about how to make your Microsoft Products a lot more secure. These essays are well documented, easily confirmed, and offer solutions that often don't involve spending any money.

The Free Web Browser Security Test gives a quick analysis of how vulnerable your computer is, right now, to being attacked by a bad actor. Click Test My Shields! and Probe my Ports! for instant browser security tests.

If you use Windows XP, this site is a must read due to the severe security problems built in to XP. Fair Warning: Gibson does not hesitate to say where he thinks Microsoft is falling down on the job, and in no uncertain terms. Unlike many folks who take this posture, Gibson documents his concerns extensively.