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Another Bad Pic of Scott Rainey
Ideas That Amuse Me

Adolphe-William Bouguereau (1825-1905) a prolific painter, created over 700 finished art works. Presented here are 33 works featuring nearly photographic renditions of people and mythical creatures who look like people.

Bouguereau was able to capture astonishing expressiveness, not just with his subject's faces and eyes, but also with their general posture, hands and feet. I hope you'll be as amused as I was.

"The HAB Theory" by Allan W. Eckert uses fiction to tell the doomsday theory articulated (badly) in "Cataclysms of the Earth" and "Path of the Poles."

HAB is one of the most memorable books I've ever read, and judging from the reader reviews on it has had a similar effect on a large number of people.

The tab at left links to the website I built about HAB. It may have played a role in bringing the book back into print.
"Path of the Poles" and "Maps of the Ancient Sea Kings" by Prof. Charles A. Hapgood, (non-fiction books on the themes illuminated by HAB) are similarly now back in print but I claim no role there.

"Cataclysms of The Earth" by Hugh Auchincloss Brown, another non-fiction book that inspired HAB, will never be republished. Since it fascinates HAB readers, after finding a copy via the online used book database I posted the entire short book, with the permission of Hugh Auchincloss Brown III. Full Book Presented.
HAB has many worthy sub-plots including rants about risks of excess specialization in science, medicine and engineering. HAB was compelling to me because it laid out an enticing idea, with physical evidence that tended to support it, that human civilizations almost as advanced as our own existed on Earth prior to the last Ice Age. 25 years later new evidence and theories have only added to that prospect. Extensive Excerpts from the Book Presented

Robert A. Heinlein was a big childhood influence on a great many people, including myself. For more, including a list of his published works, just click the link.

The Art of War By Sun Tzu - is one of those books one should read often. There are many translations of "The Art of War." This is perhaps the most concise with a bit under 19,000 plus the translator's forward. This translation is out of print. The translator James Clavel (10 October 1924 - 7 September 1994) has passed on, and his estate has not invoked the DMCA to ask that it be taken down. Perhaps they have wisdom to know that this post will help sell others of his books. Full Book Presented Here.
Clavel's translation is based on the work of Lionel Giles Project Gutenberg version Here

Genocide - Murder on a large-to-very-large scale - is not restricted to one or five or twenty madmen. Estimates of the body count in Genocides of the 20th Century range between 111 Million to over 205 Million. You may find the chart I prepared interesting. I leave it to you to meditate on its meaning.