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Bad Pic of Scott Rainey

From time to time I find a political idea worth sharing and I put words and links here.

World War IV

Former Clinton Admistration CIA Director James R. Woolsey thinks that "The War on Terrorism" is in fact World War - IV (WW-III was "The Cold War"). You might find his thoughts on this idea interesting. Click: Here

From 12 to 120 Democracies In 85 Years

In 1917 there were less than a dozen democracies in the world. Today there are over 120. The USA has successfully imposed democracy on 3 nations, and is now working on a 4th and 5th. The rest volunteered. It doesn't always work, there have been notable disasters in Africa, South America and Eastern Europe, but it is generally the best plan going, and it has the advantage of learning from others mistakes better than any other system. You might find those thoughts by James R. Woolsey interesting too. Click: Here

Militant Moderate

I consider myself a "Militant Moderate" but long ago abandoned any hope that this point of view was or could ever be an electable majority. Clearly both major parties have an abundant share of elected kooks. There are also people of astonishing wisdom on both sides. Wish we had more, but....

I once did volunteer work in the Parties built on Ross Perot's presidential bids. This was never because I liked or believed in "the little hand grenade with big ears and a bad haircut," but because I thought the USA would profit from three or more major political parties. His star had the momentum that could have started that ball rolling. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Today I am convinced that Mr. Perot's agenda was never ever about creating a viable major third political party that could actually get candidates elected. I'm confident Perot never wanted to be elected. Jesse Ventura's election had nothing to do with Perot other than the ballot access created by the party that placed Perot on the ballot in 50 states. Governor Ventura says Perot blew him off.

2000 Elections

Some folks continue to moan about a mythical "stolen election." They just don't accept that the 2000 presidential election was a dead even draw that could have fallen either way. Some go on to say nasty personal things about President Bush, Vice President Cheney, The Supreme Court and the entire cabinet.

I say that the margins in most states was smaller than general voter fraud and both sides were cheating like mad. A winner had to be declared and one was finally declared after a lot of lawyering. Was that decision influenced by politics? You betcha, back and forth, all the way up and down the line. So what? Politics is the way we do things in this country. It beats caliphates, dictatorships and monarchies most days.

The important thing to remember is:
    The Political Party controlling the world's only superpower changed hands after an intense contest without a single shot being fired.
What a country.

Personally, I've heard enough about swinging chads to last a lifetime.

Nasty Things Said about Politicians

"Ad Hominem" means "About The Person (not the issues)" and a lot of what passes for political expression these days seems to fit that ancient curse. Political criticism is what makes this country as good (and bad) as it is. Sadly ad hominem attacks do swing votes, but please try to remember to discuss ideas and acts.

If you find yourself criticising a politician in a personal way you're being sucked in to somebody else's spin machine. If participating in someone else's spin machine is your actual agenda, fine; but otherwise I think it's best to leave mud slinging about personalities you've never met to The National Enquirer, and concentrate on a politician's words and deeds.

My stands on noisy issues of the day:

Reproductive Freedom

Good, with very few limits.

End of Life Issue:

I don't want to linger on tubes and machines and I don't think the state should force it on you either.

Social Safety Nets

Good but hard to do wisely, without a lot of unintended side effects.

School Vounchers

Very Very Good - perhaps the only way to reform and improve public education especially the education of gifted and highly gifted students.

The Right of Self Defense

Worth Defending.

"Feel Good Laws"

Bad Policy

Thank you, and good night.