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Scott Rainey
Candidate for Second Vice Chairman

Formal Campaign Statement:
As Required By The Mensa Elections Committee

Campaign Portrait
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Mensa has been important in my life for over 20 years.

I want to extend that value to more of our members, and to bright people who have not yet joined.

I believe we must continue with what we have always done so well, but we should do it "faster, better and cheaper " where we can. It just takes a little imagination and a lot of hard work.

I believe Mensa must also do new things to attract and hold our next generations.

It has been an honor to serve as your Region 8 Vice Chair.

It has also been a learning experience. Sometimes it's difficult for gung-ho entrepreneurs like me to accept the pace at which Mensa evolves. One definitely learns to appreciate "considered growth" here.

I humbly ask for your support to continue my efforts on your behalf.

If you have ideas or energy to share, my email box is always open.

All the best,

Scott Rainey

There are three candidates for 2nd Vice Chair this time. My worthy opponents are RVC-10 Elissa Rudolph of Florida, and RVC-7 Anthony (Tony) Jackowski of Kansas. Elissa's web page is here. Tony didn't have time to put one up so I will presumptively google him for you "Tony Jackowski" +Mensa