The Peripheral View - Scott Rainey RVC-8

What a party!

San Francisco Regional Mensa is back on the Regional Gathering track and it looks like they're ready to do it again in 2003!

"Brilliance By The Bay," SFRM's 2002 RG will not soon fade into memory. For those whose memories fade quicker than others, as well as those of you who wish you were there but for whatever reasons could not, I've created yet another good ol' digital photo gallery:

The Fisherman's Wharf Hyatt was an outstanding RG venue. The $99 room rate was similarly outstanding but some attendees stayed elsewhere for even less. At the Hyatt, conversational groupings included fireplaces with sofas and other richly padded furnishings. The Games Room was well supplied with board and role games. In addition to some really great puzzles, there were Chess and Cribbage tournaments. A continuous stream of fascinating speakers and a first rate Triple Hospitality Suite made for a great RG with lots of great people to talk to, and stimulating presentations to start the conversation rolling.

You may think that any gathering of Mensans does not actually needed something to stimulate conversation, and you'd be right. However RG presentations add a special something to the event that some wise person may someday define. Today, I'll just say that it stirs the social mix and adds a lot to the experience. Programs ranged from Shooting, American Castles that are now a museums, Magic, Stem Cells, Con-artists, history of computers, body language, Three Minute Psycho Therapy, ownership of your own brain when you work in high tech, The Fishbowl, Air Traffic Control, Theatre, Opera, Moonshine, ice cream tastings, chocolate tastings, liquor tastings, wine tastings and some sit down meals. Keynote speakers, costume dances, videos and of course more food.

Banquet meals are generally expensive and some folks chose to take their meals on the town. Are banquets generally overpriced? Perhaps, but how do you calculate the value of the company and conversation?

Oh and let's not forget San Francisco and Fisherman's wharf. This Hyatt is half a block from a Cable Car turntable, and two blocks the piers, where fantastic fresh shrimp and crab can be bought at walk up seafood stands. Also in walking distance was Ghiradelli square, The Cannery, North Beach (The Italian Section) and Chinatown. The financial District was a $2 cable car ride over the hill.

Kudo's to RG Chair Mike Eager and his crew: Susan Heimlich - Asst. Chair, Laura Lee Ross - Treasurer, Leslie Simmons - Registrar, Deborah Malbec - Hospitality, Howard Ingram - Logistics, Gary Koerzendorfer - Program Co-chair, Rich Matthews - Program Co-chair, Sheila Sandow - Written program & reg materials, Frank Schafer - Tours and publishing assistance, Gerry Riley - Publicity, Ron Evans - Volunteer coordinator, Krista Van Laan, Games Room. Sadly, this is of course not a complete list of volunteers, I know that a great many people helped as volunteers especially in hospitality and programs, but I do not have their names. To the folks listed above, and their nameless helpers, I say on behalf of the nearly 200 people in attendance: THANK YOU! Y'ALL DONE GOOD!

Another report can be found at the SFRM web site:

Here's hoping it becomes an every year event!

Speaking of every year events, Oregon Mensa's BeaveRG-VI is the first weekend in May next year. A Free Airport shuttle and hotel rates of $55 just might make this the biggest Oregon RG ever. .

All the Best, Scott Rainey, Regional Vice Chair