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Mensa Gatherings are just... cool.

Mensa Gatherings are just... cool. Way Cool. There is infotainment, food, conversations till midnight and beyond; and the best part is they're full of Mensans.

You have to work hard to find a better entertainment value, whether you overnight at the hotel venue, or day-trip in.

Infotainment takes the form of speaker tracks (1 track at small local gatherings, 3 at medium sized ones, and 6-7 at AG's). Food, lots of food; our traditions are that we have plenty of adult and soft beverages for you to drink, lots of snack foods on which to graze, and generally a sit-down meal or three for a nominal extra fee. Some midwestern groups even include full meals as part of the admission.

If you get this notice in October, you still may be able to attend the Regional Gathering in Sacramento: October 25-27 (Martha Baker 707/678-2666

Next, in November are three big events on the west coast:

Vancouver BC (Co-presented with Mensa of Western Washington) Nov 8-11

San Francisco - Thanksgiving Weekend Nov-28 to Dec-1

Sierra Vista AZ, October 4-5
Palm Springs CA November 8-11

My own local group, Oregon Mensa will want me to also mention BeaveRG-VI, May 2-4, 2003:

How much fun are they? Pictures tell what thousands of words cannot: Fire up your PC or visit a friend to see:
AG 2002 Pix:
AG2001 Pix
Even More:

Our internal stats indicate that only about 15% of our members have EVER attended one of our gatherings. Please let me assure the other 85% that you're missing out on a very good entertainment value. Please let me urge you to test the waters at a Mensa Gathering sometime soon.