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Who Are You?
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The purpose of this page is to give you a sample of things that can be measured about the people who visit your site.

Originally the net was completely anonymous, and if you are careful, it still can be. As with so much in life, there are: "Yah-But's".

For instance, your unique identity can be built into a hotlink. Today that is most commonly used by the folks who SPAM you with offers of "Free Mortgage Quotes" etc.

To see how this works, look at the bottom line of your email program and hover your mouse pointer over the hotlink in several different SPAM items. If you see id=?1039451324 or in the middle of the URL, then the SPAMer will know that it was you ... if you click that link. That tells him you were at least curious, and so he and his buddies can be expected to send you more on the same subject.