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The Overbyte Utilities
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A Brief Introduction To The Overbyte Utilities

I began compiling and distributing a list of Public Domain and Freeware programs over 15 years ago, because frankly, I think all PC users need them. I call the collection "The OverByte Utilities." They are mostly DOS command line programs, but for those who find the command line a good place to function, I think you'll enjoy them.

Please feel welcome to download these files and share them with your friends and associates.

In addition to the executable files and the accompanying documentation, I've prepared two web pages for you:
    An Introduction to The Overbyte Utilities
    A list of programs and files with brief explanations

To simplify distribution, I combined all of the files in The OverByte Utilities into three easy to download, self-extracting files. After download, copy each of the distribution files into an empty folder by itself. Then run the file by finding it with Windows Explorer and double clicking on it.

The extracted files can be copied onto two (2) 1.44-Meg Floppy disks.
    OVBEXE.EXE will fill a floppy all by itself.
    OVBCOM.EXE and OVBDOC.EXE will together fit on a second floppy disk.

The Emergency Boot Disk Builder creates a third disk, this one is bootable. You'll have to read instructions on this one.

  OVBEXE.EXE 1,278,471 Bytes.
         Program files with .exe as the extension
  OVBCOM.EXE 1,001,466 Bytes.
        Files ending with .com, .dll etc.
  OVBDOC.EXE 291,668 Bytes.
        The Documentation Files
  ESENTIAL.EXE 151,097 Bytes.
        The Best of the Overbyte Utilities
        ...and files I consider essential for all people who work with PC's
  The Overbyte Windows98 Emergency Boot Disk Builder 51k
         Whether you use Win95, Win98, Win98se, WinNT, Win2000,
         WinXP or something else, you will want to have a pile of
         these on hand near every computer you own.
         This is my variation on the Windows 98 SE Boot Disk.
         You might find it more useful. Check the file:
         Readme.txt for further, detailed
         instructions on how to build your own
         Super Win98se Emergency Boot Disk.

WindowsME with WinMe you don't get access to the MS-DOS for those real emergencies. If you have WinMe and want to setup the Overbyte Win98 Emergency / Essentials disk, (recommended) you will need to have access to a working Windows98se system to format a bootable Windows diskette. Once you have a bootable diskette, you can copy the files from this download to it.

XXcopy (c) 1995-2002 by Pixelab is a uniquely wonderful program. Rather than bundle it with the Overbyte Utilities, I'll just link to it here. XXcopy has none of the failings of Microsoft's XCOPY, all of its features, plus hundreds of extra options. It comes in a free non-commercial variant and a very inexpensive commercial site variant. Check this list of options and features. I'm confident you'll want to try it, then use it often.
All programs in the Overbyte Utilities Collection have been scanned for virus infection. However there is a chance that they may become infected before they get to you. Therefore you should perform your own virus scans on all freeware and public domain software your take in.
I distribute this collection as a public service. If you find any of these utilities particularly useful, I encourage you to consider sending its author (not me) a contribution as outlined in the accompanying .DOC files.

All the best,

Scott Rainey