Web Colors
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Named HTML / Web Colors

Below are the valid HTML color names. They work for both backgrounds and fonts. You may use these color names confidently but test carefully with both Netscape and IE.
Background Color Font Color
BgColor=AquaFont Color=Aqua
BgColor=Black Font Color=Black
BgColor=Blue Font Color=Blue
BgColor=Fuchsia Font Color=Fuchsia
BgColor=Gray Font Color=Gray
BgColor=Green Font Color=Green
BgColor=Lime Font Color=Lime
BgColor=Maroon Font Color=Maroon
BgColor=Navy Font Color=Navy
BgColor=Olive Font Color=Olive
BgColor=Purple Font Color=Purple
BgColor=Red Font Color=Red
BgColor=Silver Font Color=Silver
BgColor=Teal Font Color=Teal
BgColor=Yellow Font Color=Yellow
BgColor=White Font Color=White
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