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Consulting Resume:

Scott Rainey
8927 SW 51st Ave
Portland OR 97219-5167

Mobile: 503.380.8800

    June 1986 to present: Independent Information Technologies Consultant (Client base: Medium and Small Business).

    Areas of expertise include: Designing ways to organize and present of information. User Interfaces. Internet / World Wide Web Technologies. Local and Wide Area Networking (LAN & WAN). Fund Raising.

    Practice includes: Web Site Design, Redesign and Maintenance. Local Area Network, Design, Redesign, Support and Upgrades. Acquisition, Deployment and Set Up Information Technologies. Support & Training. Trouble Shooting. Software Design. Systems Design. Fund Raising.

    Major Project: Website Design, Implementation & Maintenance for small businesses in the Portland area. Own and manage Red LAMP servers .

    Major Project: The Linux Fund - Board of Directors: member, President, Consultant. Supervised IRS application for 501(c)(3). Shepherded fund-raising contracts and activities. Brought in nearly $1 Million in donations. Did trade shows. Liaison w/major banks. Promotions.

    Major Project: Hewlett Packard - Design and document methodologies for staging a global replacement of all of a Workstations and servers (PC, Windows, Novell, Macintosh and Unix) for a multi-national client with over 15,000 WinNT Workstations and 750 WinNT Servers.

    Major Project: Intel Corporation - BIOS Group. Liaison to hardware and software engineering, product marketing and external clients. Performed compliance testing CPU products with wide variety of hardware plus popular application and systems software. Product lines included: board level, system level and super-server components.

    Major Project: The Asian Development Bank of Manila. Team leader. Economic Development Technical Assistance Reports on high-labor-value-added products appropriate to developing Asian countries. My team reported on export opportunities in computer programming. Report examined established developments in Korea, Singapore, India, Thailand, and the Philippines and estimated opportunities for growth. Study involved interfacing with economic development officials of each country studied, and presentation of reports to economic development officials of the entire ASEAN group at a conference in Manila (copies of report available on request).

    Major Project: Turtle Island Resort (Location of the Blue Lagoon movies) Design of integrated client and prospect management application in a popular DBMS.

    Major Project: PageUP Computer Systems Founding Partner in a Portland area VAR focused on Desktop Publishing systems and services. Business sold to Computer Tools.

    Major Project: Oregon Software advertising and public relations rollout for new compiler. Campaign was so effective, after 90 days all media placements were suspended for 6 months, while sales staff caught up with backlog of inquiries generated.

    1984 to 1986: Aabacus Computer Group Inc. Managing Partner.
      Founding partner of retail storefront/VAR. Maximum staff: 12. Responsible for administration, and day-to-day management; including sales, tech support, training, advertising & promotions. Sold my half-interest to partner.

    1980 to 1984 Self Employed: Real Estate Investments.
    1978 to 1980 Corporate Recruiter: Computer Professionals.
    1976 to 1978 Advertising Agency: Account Executive.
    1973 to 1976 Small Business Owner 25 Employees.
    • Benson Polytechnic School, Electronics, Drafting, Music
    • Portland State University, Business Communications
      Private Pilot, Certified Personnel Consultant
    Public Service Activities:
    • Portland MicroComputer Society: President, Newsletter Editor.
    • Portland Advertising Federation: Ad2 Public Service Campaign Chair.
    • The Linux Fund: Board of Directors: Director, President.
    • Reform Party of Oregon: Executive Committee.
    • Capstone College: Board of Directors: Director.
    • Windward Foundation Board of Directors: Director.
    • American Mensa: Board of Directors, Secretary, 8th Vice Chair,
    Computing Skill Buzz Words:
      Access (MS), Apache, BBS, CD-R, CD-ROM, Cold Fusion, CSS, Database, dBase, Desktop Publishing, Desktop Video, Dreamweaver, Eudora, Excel FAX, Foxpro, FTP, Google Earth, GUI, Hardware, HTML, Internet, Internet Explorer, LAMP, LAN Local Area Networks, Laser Printers, Linux, HTML-Handcode Homesite pro, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, MP3, Modems, MS-DOS, MySQL, Netscape Netware, Norton Utilities, OCR, Pagemaker, Photoshop, PHP, Postgress, PostScript, Power Point, ProComm, Program Design, QModem, Quattro , Red Hat, Remote Computing, SHTML, SideKick, SQL, SSL, SSL2, Star Office, Style Sheets, SuperCalc5, Systems Analysis, Systems Integration, Systems Design, Technical Writing, Telnet, Ubuntu, User Interfaces Unix, VB, Ventura Publisher, Windows 2000, Windows 1.0, Windows 2.0, Win3.11, Win95, Win98, Win98se, WinME, WinNT, Win2k, WinXP, Windows7, Windows8.1, Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 Word, Wordperfect, WordStar, WS_FTP